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Draw'in Table

The Drawin' Table

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This pretty, wooden drawing table with a minimalist and Scandinavian design has been invented and created for children. At their height (H48cm), circular to play with others, and above all intelligent! The accessories (chalk, coloured pencils, markers) are found in the centre of the round table.

The various plain paper sheets or themed paper, as well as the integrated black erasable board, can be removed to make room for a pretty, round table to play on.

Truly multifunctional, the Drawin' Table can be adjusted to suit the changing interest of the child. Children can draw, colour, get to know objects, name and express their imagination and creativity around a blackboard and themed colouring-in sheets.

The whole table is exclusively made of natural wood (Birch).

The set consists of:

  • A wooden game table
  • A round reversible blackboard (to write with chalk) / whiteboard
  • 5 plain white cut-to-size sheets of paper
  • A pencil holder
  • A black microfiber cloth

The paper sheets have a weight of 200g / m2. Thanks to this thickness, children can draw and colour with a felt-tip pen without the risk of transferring onto the sheets below. The available drawing surface (front / back) is therefore doubled!

All flat-packed and very easy to assemble and put away.


Natural birch wood
Made in Europe (Latvia)

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Table: 30 × 30 × 10 cm

Weight: 4kg

XXL Table: 90 × 90 × 15 cm

Weight XXL: 12kg

Stools: 28 cm